Mongolian Marketing Research Association joined to the Asia and the Pacific Research Committee

Mongolian marketing research association (MMRA) established 15th of October 2013 by lead of MMCG LLC. This association’s purpose is develop marketing research and introduce and advertise standard ethics, organize seminar & exhibition and give consultancy, implement program and project.

MMRA requested to became member of Asia Pacific Research Committee (APRC, please took more information from ) with purpose of keep abreast with international Marketing research standard, specially Asia Pacific countries development and exchange experiences, learn and advertise international method standard and ethics  etc. APRC accepted our request and recruited MMRA member of APRC in 5th conference held in Thailand’s capital city Bangkok in 31st of October to 1st of November 2013.  MMCG LLC’s general director D.Amgalanbaatar and research development director Ch.Davaasuren participated in this meeting.

This meeting organized within the frame of “Sense and Sensibility: The Hybrid for Success” and usually discussed psychology issues on marketing research.

Conference organized following program:

-         “Essential: Find and size sense” – full day seminar;

-         “Draw online team in co creation activity” half-day seminar;

-         “Comply ISO 20252 standard” half-day seminar;

-         APRC-board meeting 2013;

-         APRC- conference.

APRC’s next meeting will be held Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur in 15th of October to 16th of October 2014.  MMRA is inviting to join companies and entities and researchers who is working to develop marketing research in Mongolia.

Please look meeting’s photo information from following file. APRC photo.pdf